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The Supernatural Power of Friendship

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The supernatural power of friendship.
Psalm 133:1–3 (NIV) 1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! 2 It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe. 3 It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion. For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.

You need to have 3 relationships in your life always: 
1. Someone who is investing in you. 
2. Someone to run with. 
3. Someone you are investing in. 

 Samuel, Jonathan, Mighty men

1 Samuel 18:1–5 (NLT) After David had finished talking with Saul, he met Jonathan, the king’s son. There was an immediate bond between them, for Jonathan loved David. 2 From that day on Saul kept David with him and wouldn’t let him return home. 3 And Jonathan made a solemn pact with David, because he loved him as he loved himself. 4 Jonathan sealed the pact by taking off his robe and giving it to David, together with his tunic, sword, bow, and belt. 5 Whatever Saul asked David to do, David did it successfully. So Saul made him a commander over the men of war, an appointment that was welcomed by the people and Saul’s officers alike.
Supernatural gifts of friendship:
1. Loyalty
1 Samuel 20:17 (NLT) And Jonathan made David reaffirm his vow of friendship again, for Jonathan loved David as he loved himself.

Being loyal to God means being a loyal friend.
John 13:35 (NIV) "By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

2. Royalty
Valuable relationships don’t wrinkle easy. 

If you are sinned against. Mathew 18

3. Weaponry
Proverbs 27:17 (NLT) As iron sharpens iron, So a friend sharpens a friend.

Weapons that covenant relationships provide:
1. Support
2. Availability 
3. Enjoyment
4. Accountability
Friendship without honesty is treachery.”
Proverbs 27:6 (ESV) Faithful are the wounds of a friend…
“Calling out your sin is not toxic its antidotal!”
5. Faith

Luke 5:20 (NIV) When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.”

Proverbs 18:24 (NIV) One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.